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    Air search finds no evidence of car in Kalamazoo River

    March 10, 2017

    The Civil Air Patrol has been unable to find evidence of a car believed to have crashed into the Kalamazoo River last weekend near Battle Creek, Michigan. Police and rescue teams are checking into the possibility that Cortez Lewis, 31, of Detroit, may have been in the car. “An air search for a Hyundai sedan believed to have crashed into the Kalamazoo River found no evidence of the vehicle Thursday morning," Battle Creek Police reported in a press release Thursday afternoon. They stated, "The Civil Air Patrol flew from the convergence of the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers west to Morrow Lake, where the Kalamazoo empties, near Galesburg. The crew used cameras and flew low, around 900 feet, to search for the vehicle. As the river flows, that's approximately 20 miles."

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