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    National Headquarters gives final salute to deceased members

    March 2, 2015

    National Headquarters pays respect to the following members and former members who have passed away:
    Capt. Edward L. Condon                  
    Wing Headquarters Squadron
    Michigan Wing
    Lt. Col. John J. Friel                              
    Doylestown Composite Squadron 907
    Pennsylvania Wing
    Lt. Col. Chester J. Hoffman                              
    Wing Headquarters Squadron
    New York Wing
    Lt. Col. Kenneth A. Jurek                  
    Omaha Composite Squadron
    Nebraska Wing
    Chaplain Lt. Col. Delbert T. McLaughlin                                 
    Vanbenberg Composite Squadron 101
    California Wing
    Lt. Col. Arthur J. Trinque                   
    Pinellas Senior Squadron
    Florida Wing
    CAP National Headquarters
    105 South Hansell Street
    Bldg. 714
    Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-5937
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